My Photographs

If I had to choose a ‘theme’ for my photography I would say that my images reflect ‘relaxation and enjoyment’, and I hope that when viewing them you too can feel some of the pleasure I had taking them.

The photo at the top of the page and the one below is where I live, so it’s no surprise that I feature a lot of coastal, beach and sailing images.

My photography reflects my travels, so while the majority of my prints are of Scotland, you’ll also find images from other parts of the world.


About Me

I’ve always had a passion for photography but now have taken the time to pursue it and am working to expand my portfolio of prints.

I live on a small Scottish island (but not remote!) which is a favourite in the West of Scotland for day trips, weekends and longer holidays. Known as the ‘island of 1000 bicycles’, many visitors come here to hire a cycle and make it round the island which is about 10 miles.

A combination of walking, cycling & golf keep me fit and inspired to capture the stunning scenery on my doorstep, which I hope you too will enjoy.

Best Wishes

George Moug